New YouTube Streams on Žižek’s Theory of Ideology

Theory Pleeb (Dave) made this awesome thumbnail.

Hi, everyone! I just want to let all of you know that I currently have a new series of videos in the works devoted to Žižek’s theory of ideology over on Theory Pleeb’s YouTube channel. I decided to do this as a way of celebrating Slavoj’s birthday (March 21). The first stream took place last Saturday and the second will be this Saturday starting at 5 PM CST. Žižek’s theory of ideology will play a crucial role in the book I’m currently writing and these YouTube discussions really help me refine my understanding of it. Please come hang out with us this Saturday if you can. Below, I’ll post the link to the first video from last Saturday as well as the link to this Saturday’s upcoming stream. I hope you can join us.



I would prefer not to.

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